Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fwd: Found Male Dog

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Subject: Found Male Dog
Date: 2017-03-06 15:44
From: Leslie Fink <fink.leslie1@gmail.com>
To: lostandfoundpets@aartomball.org

This little guy has been wandering our neighborhood, Ashford Place near
Hufsmith Kohrville Rd and Boudreaux, for the last 2 days.. I finally got
him into our backyard and away from the main road today. We've fed him
and given him water. He is very timid, looks very malnourished, and has
some cuts and scrapes.. his nails appear to have been trimmed or have
stayed short by walking on concrete. He is warming up to me a bit, but
will not let me touch him.

I've posted him in our neighborhood page and shared with another rescue
group contact, but I think he was dumped. We cannot keep him longer than
about 24 hours because I have 1-year-old twins and we have 3 other dogs
at our house at the moment.

My phone number is (814) 964-2034.
AAR does not pick up strays - call animal control in your county. Or
www.petfinder.com for other organizations.

For info on surrendering a found pet or to check if someone has
AAR regarding the pet, contact dogs@aartomball.org or

AAR is a limited-intake, private shelter; all animals must be evaluated
before being accepted. NO DROP-OFFS.

AAR is an ALL-VOLUNTEER organization. Thank you for being patient about
responses and ability to help.

FOR MORE INFO on how you can help homeless pets: www.aartomball.org

AAR's CLINIC does micro-chipping, affordable spay/neuter and more. We
veterinary assistance grants for those in financial need.

Make appointments 832-229-0842

For more info on AAR and the Wellness Center & Spay/Neuter Clinic, visit

Lost long hair cat

Please help us find our beloved pet! We just moved to the ​ Quail Forest neighborhood ​ near Louetta/Grant ​ and think he has lost his way. He is a ​ 13 year old long-haired male cat ​ with a broken/crooked/ ​ irregular tail ​ Description: Please help us find our lost beloved pet! My 13 year old male Maine Coon cat went missing a week after we moved into our new neighborhood (Quail Forest). He has dark stripes, black and brown stripes and yellow eyes. His tail was fractured/broken as a kitten and feels/looks a bit irregular. He should have tags with my phone number on it, but the address is our old one. He was last seen Sunday 2/26/17 in the back of the Quail Forest Subdivision, which is located near Grant @ Louetta. He has a history of urinary stones and requires prescription cat food. I'm so worried about him being out on his own. Please keep an eye out for my lost boy! Please call Melissa at 832-723-1098 with any information. ​ He is friendly. He has tags, but they still have our old address on them. However, the phone number is correct. ​ 832-723-1098 Melissa