Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Lost white orange papillon dog

Odie is a Papillon 6 years of age, about 16lbs. white with some brown on his face, Was last seen on our backyard around 5pm on Friday 1/27/17; he's known to roam the park by the pond in Village Creek. But never returned 17202 Eagle Ledge Dr, Tomball, TX 77377. He has a collar but it doesnt have his home address. He is NOT chipped. Please contact me if you've seen him 832-523-0521 olivavelasquez80@gmail.com

Friday, January 27, 2017

lost tuxedo cat

Salem, adult neutered male black and white (tuxedo pattern, see attached image) Diabetic, coat may appear oily He went missing early 1/22 I would appreciate it if there is any news, thank you! Jenn Maxwell 832.257.2342 Koneko.no.aoi@gmail.com

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lost cat Rayford Crest

I would like to report a Lost Female Domestic shorthair Cat that was last seen in Home 25331 Rayford Crest Dr 77386 on 16/01/2017 I'm hoping you could keep an eye out for her in your area please. Below are the pets details along with the owners contact details. Pets Details Name: Milo Breed: Domestic shorthair Sex: Female Age: 6 years Location Lost:Home 25331 Rayford Crest Dr 77386 Date Lost:16/01/2017 Microchipped:No Owners Details Owners Name: Patricia Email address: patricia_m@sbcglobal.net Phone Number: 7132940713,2812921302

Monday, January 23, 2017

Lost cat inverness subdivision

Microchip#: 981020015387878 Buster used to be feral, and has an ear clipped when he was caught/released. He came to us from Texas Litter Control. He wears a black collar with a red heart bearing his name and our phone number, plus our vet in College Station. He is very shy and skittish to strangers, and probably won't let you pick him up. Use a towel, as he will pop out of your arms as fast as he was picked up. He does not scratch or bite unless you rub his belly. He's around 3 years, neutered, and answers to "Bus-Bus-Bus," or the word "treat," as well as his name. He has very striking yellow eyes. He also responds to "Hello" in a high pitched voice, and will echo back. Domestic shorthair, calico/tabby mix. He white with grey-black tabby markings on his head and back. He has been missing since 1/20/17. Nearest Address Last Seen: Reserve at Inverness Subdivision, Barnwood Court, Tomball, TX, United States Our #: 415-846-0207

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Lost Australian Shepherd Louetta & Jones

Pets Details Name: Tyrion Breed: Australian Shepherd Sex: Male Age: 3 Location Lost:Louetta @ Jones (249 area) 77377 Date Lost:18/01/2017 Microchipped:No Owners Details Owners Name: Trevor Email address: trevliggin@comcast.net Phone Number: 2817039415,7138224586

Monday, January 9, 2017

Lost boxer Stoneham area near 105

On January 2, after 5, our Boxer ran off. Max has never done this before. We have been searching for him ever since. ‘ Male – Brindle and White White paws and chest Friendly Please spread the word. We live in Stoneham, Texas and are close to the 105. Thank you for your help. I am enclosing a picture. Please contact me by email or phone 413-575-1680. The Walker Family.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Found black pit long ears

I found this sweet dog wearing a red collar at the Cheval apartment complex on Old Katy Rd inside the loop. No tags or microchip. 203-645-6696

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

lost black and tan doxie

My name is Breann. My family has suffered heartbreak because on New Years Eve due to the fireworks, our dog Paula- a black and white dachshund mix- got out of our yard and has not been seen since. We miss her dearly. I was wondering if the AAR shelter has taken her in or has any information about her? Also, I'm not sure if this is the correct procedure or not but I was wondering if my story could be posted on the Lost/found pet blog, please! I'm trying everything I can to get Paula back home to us. We love and miss her very, very much! I have enclosed some pictures of her so you can have an idea of what she looks like. If you know anything or happen to get any info, please email me at this email address or call me at 832-948-0129. Thank you very, very much! Breann Emshoff Screenshot_2017-01-02-12-27-50 1111.png Screenshot_2017-01-02-12-27-50 1111.png ~337 KBShow Download Screenshot_2017-01-02-12-28-00 1111.png Screenshot_2017-01-02-12-28-00 1111.png ~651 KBShow Download

found grey pit and a black lab

These 2 dogs have been around Grantwood all day according to neighbors. Got home with wife post-surgery and found them on our property. For now they are sheltered in our yard. I have 2 large Ridgebacks and need to take care of my wife. Can’t take care of these two. One is a medium gray pit mix (lab?). The other is black and looks like a lab mix. They seem obedient and compliant. · Took them to Tracy Animal Clinic – not chipped · Posted photo on Nextdoor to 39 subdivisions – no replies Pease call if you can help by picking them up; I don’t want to call County. Thanks! 832-497-2211 Nick

found brown pit

Brown female pit bull or pit bull mix found on January 1st on FM 1486. 936-672-7903