Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Found tan black mouth dog in Tomball

10/27/13 found in Tomball by municipal building. Thanks! Alex Montgomery 2817232089

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Found golden cockapoo

We found a stray golden cockapoo on our street yesterday. We have put signs up and posted his picture on Facebook, but have not been able to locate his owners. No tags or collar and none of our neighbors have a dog like this. Thanks, Jerry Ison 713-206-4730

Found dog on Greenwood Forest

I Found a sweet little girl on my street Greenwood Forest Drive near Fm 1960 on Monday 10/28. I do not know what breed she is but I have a picture. She is not microchipped nor does she have a collar. Call Gitta 832-284-5299

Found white & tan male dog

We found this sweet boy running through our neighborhood about two weeks ago. We put signs through out our neighborhood and no one has come forward to claim him. He has been very friendly to all of the animals and with our 3 year old. He's definitely house trained and is used to sleeping on furniture. Thank you, Laura Buckman 936.718.9336

Monday, October 28, 2013

Found schnauzer Northpoint East

I was driving through Northpointe East on Sunday morning the 27th. This male dog was walking in the street in the rain. He came straight to me. I'm moving in 2 days to Louisiana and HAVE to find his owners. I posted on FB, also put up flyers at the entrances in that neighborhood. FB postings on Lost and found pets in spring/tomball. My friend is bringing him in tomorrow so you guys can check for a chip. He's also been fixed. Attached is a picture. You can reach me at 713-906-6068 or my friend Toni at 281-433-7681.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lost tri color dog keystone loop

Found black lab tomball

We found a female black lab mix tonight, Tuesday the 22nd on 2920 in Tomball near Concordia high school. No collar. She's got white markings on chest and paws and a long tail. She looks to be under a year old. Contact Ashley at 972-730-6266

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Found large tan dog on 249

Found dog on 249 between Spring Cypress and Northpointe this morning (10/22/13) Female, super sweet, pit bull mix of some sort. Is def somebody's pet. She is very well behaved. Please contact me if you are missing your pet Kimber (281) 541-4799

Found pug mix

Good Morning!! This poor little guy has been hanging around our street for the last week. We have posted him on our neighborhood website, facebook, checked him for microchip – NOTHING!! L Due to us being in a lease home, we cannot keep the dog. Animal control has been by twice to pick the dog up and we have begged and pleaded with them. They are coming out back out today and if he is out, they are taking him….which is why he is at work with me. I just can’t let animal control take this sweet guy. I am praying and hoping that I can find him a rescue to go to since I have been unable to find him a new home. If you can’t take him, can you please give me some insight on who else to contact? You can reach me via email or phone, 832.978.9924.

Found schnauzers auburn lakes

FOUND! 2 sweet Schnauzer girls wandering Auburn Lakes Estates in Spring, TX on Sunday morning, 10/20/13. Both are light colored and well groomed. One is a puppy wearing a correction collar. Please call 832-493-4868

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Found small American Eskimo dog

I have a dog that wandered up on my porch a few weeks ago and I have been caring for him since. He is a very sweet dog who is good with people and appears to be good with other dogs. He looks like a small American Eskimo. Thank you, Angela Voss 936-718-2811

Found black lab / pit mix 610 & MLK

I found a Black Female Lab mix in April 2013. Vet said she is about 6 months to a year old at the time. she is very pet friendly. Very good with kids. she is full of energy. I really would like to find her owner I have been trying to find the owner for 6 months now with no luck she was found off 610 and MLK my email address is

Lost white & black chihuahua

My dog went missing between the hours of 7:30 PM on Saturday, October 12, and 8:00 AM Sunday, October 13. She is a female white and black chihuahua about ten years old. Her name is Yappy Dog (Yappy, Yap). She is usually not friendly to strangers. If you have any knowledge of her, please call me at 832-687-6695. Glenda Cordray

Found doxie beagle mix Northpointe

We found a sweet little puppy yesterday AM 10/15/13, in the Villiages of Northpointe neighborhood, in Tomball. She is very friendly and affectionate. When I first picked her up she smelled like she had just recently had a bath. I know someone loves her and misses her. She is very well behaved, house broken and kennel trained. I took her to Northpointe Animal Hospital to see if she has a microchip but she does not. They said she is about a year old, and more than likely a mix between a Dachshund and a Beagle. She is mostly black with the white and tan markings of a Beagle. When I found her she was wearing a red collar but had no tags. If you recognize this sweet baby please email me at or call 713-562-4780.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Found tan chihuahua Tomball

Found a tan male Chihuahua at McDonald’s in Tomball, on Saturday night 10/12/13. He is full grown, no collar, no microchip, very sweet disposition, obviously had been trained to “come” and welcomed being held and fed. He gets along well with other dogs; eats only canned dog food; crate trained and loves to sleep on your lap. Think he was lost several days. Please contact me if you believe he is yours at

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Found Shaggy Dog Inwood

We found this dog in our Inwood Forest neighborhood. 281-447-7529 (home) please leave message

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lost B&W kitten Decker Oaks Estates

His name is Oreo. He is a little over 6 months old. He has is red collar on, but no tags. We live in Decker Oaks Estates in Tomball/Pinehurst just off 249 and Hardin Store Rd. He was let out like normal Sunday, October 6th early morning to potty and do kitty things. He has been missing ever since. Call anytime, 936-788-4369 Jonathan and Whitney. Thank you!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Found brindle/black pit Tomball

First saw this dog Oct 3 back by Tomball Country Club. Picture attached. Sweet boy, looks like a puppy still maybe btwn 6 mos and a year. Has a collar on but no tag. Contact Matt at 281-536-4132. Thank you!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Found Yorkie in Tomball

Female adult yorkie weighs 10lbs found near Tomball hospital Saturday morning. She is very sweet and friendly. She is well groomed. She had a collar but no tags and no microchip. Please contact me if you are missing your little girl.

Lost b&w cat Pinecrest/three lakes

Milo is a black and white domestic long hair . He sustained an injury to his back foot and was barely able to walk. He accidentally got out of the house Oct 3rd and we have not been able to locate him since. We live in Pinecrest/Three Lakes in Tomball and he was last seen on White River Drive. He did not have on his collar. Call any time day or night Jessica-281-401-9240 Eric 281-520-2000

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Found black terrier mix

My son and I found the cutest little dog, he is tiny but not a puppy, and severely underweight. His little bones are palpable thru his skin all over his body. We found him Saturday afternoon. I have been keeping him in my garage but cannot keep him much longer. He is so sweet, very friendly and animated. He seems to get along fine with other dogs and really loves my kids. I think he would be easily adopted, being so small and sweet. Amazingly, he is eating and drinking water and using the bathroom normally, walking on a leash like a pro, and hasn't sprayed inside so far. My name is Julie Kelly and you can reach me on my cell at 281-408-5283 or home at 281-970-9335.