Thursday, August 30, 2012

Found Male Blue Heeler

Found a male Blue Heeler on 2920 and Mahaffey by the Tomball Pet Resort. Has orange/brown collar. Very sweet and gentle dog. Please call 281-255-2277!!
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Lost Brown Girl Black Male Small dogs

Lost Saturday August 25 near Hardin store rd in magnolia tx AAR NOTE: poster did not leave contact info, if you find, please post here in hopes they will see it.


My small Zoe ran away from home in Tomball TX Sunday 8/26 and I am searching for her. She is all black and is wearing a multi color rhinestone collar. She is solid black with a little white on her chest. I have been posting signs and trying to figure out how to find her. She weighs about 10 pds. and has shaggy hair. She is very friendly. If you have seen her or know anything about where she might be, please call 713-858-7417.

She is really being missed and we love her sooooo much!

Thank you Kristin

Found Black Puppy

Found this puppy Saturday night 8/25 night in my neigborhood Pinecrest Forest (249 and Three Lakes, by the Silverado movie theater. Red collar. Super Sweet AAR NOTE: poster did not leave contact info. If this is your puppy, post on this site and hopefully they'll see it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


found black with little white on his chest no name or collar on him
i put flyers all over no one claims him . area FM 529 and sheffield subdivision
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lost Pomeranian Mix from Cypress Area- REWARD!

Please help! We are looking for our dog Lucy who got loose on Wednesday August 22nd from 11800 Grant Rd- The Village in the Woods apartment complex, in Cypress, TX 77429.

Lucy is 7 years old, spayed, and is primarily golden/orange in color with some white accents. She is a Pomeranian mixed with Pekingese and Poodle (Poma-peeka-poo) and weighs around 10 lbs.

If you see ANY dog that evenly faintly resembles her, I beg you to PLEASE notify me immediately! She is our family's whole world, and we are absolutely desperate to find her!


Lost Puppy

She was wearing a white flea collar when she ran away from home. She is only about 3 months old and has spots of black, light brown, and greyish fur. She is a playful loving puppy and she was lost in Westbourne Subdivision in Tomball, Texas. If she is found, please call 832-302-0071.


If you have seen her please call 832-866-8611 or 832-641-2978
She a 7 year old golden brown pomeranian dog named Lucy.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lost Dog Found in Spring, TX

There has been a dog wandering around in our neighborhood in Spring for the past week, and recently it has taken a liking to the side of our home. (smile) I'm not
good with knowing what the different types of dogs look like based on
their mix, etc., but I wanted to post this just in case someone is looking. It looks like he has a chain linked collar, but I do not see a tag. I've attached a couple of pictures. If anyone recognizes the dog, please give me a call at (832) 798-1321.

Best Regards,


Dog Found

Found in Tomball off of Snook Ln. 20 pound brown and white female. Brown body, white tip on tail, and white feet. Very friendly and well trained. No microchip. If she is yours, please e-mail me at

Dog found in Tomball

This dog showed up at our home off Calvert Rd a few weeks ago. He is not microchipped and we have had no response from signs put up in the neighborhood. He is sweet and loving, good around kids and other dogs and is not a "barker". He is still a puppy and needs to find a home where he can get the love and attention he needs. We already have three dogs and can not keep him. If you have any information about this dog, please email or call 281-351-1303.

Siberian Husky

Lost Saturday night due to thunderstorm a 12 year old, female black and white Siberian husky from 6522 Apple Valley Lane Houston 77069. She has a collar with name badge and mobile phone number on it. She is microchipped. Her coat has been clipped and is growing again.. She has a limp in her back legs due to an old injury. My email address is:, mobile 832 620 8137.

Found in Memorial Springs

This dog was found wandering in the section of Memorial Springs neighborhood close to Lacy Road. According to some neighbors, he has been wandering for at least five days. He is friendly, but a tad bit shy. If you know who this dog belongs to, please contact Sara Mast at 281-475-9509.
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lost Black and White Cat

Sylvester is a male cat last seen on August 14. He is mostly Black and has a beauty mark on the right side of his face. I live in the Inverness Estates neighborhood near Beaudreau and FM 2920. I am franticly looking for him worried about him being in this heat, please call me at 832-264-3080 if you find him, thank you, Ashley S.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Lost Schitzapoo from Champion Forest Area Spring. REWARD Female mostly white with brown and black markings. Very loved and Missed! has microchip. please call 713-816-6445 if found or information. Workers left gate open:-( no collar. Name Lola

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Best Friend

My male black and white, green-eyed maine coon cat became missing around May 11, 2012 from Morgan West Apartments on 2400 Briarwest, Houston, Texas 77077. The manager said he gave my cat to the SPCA. This is not true I found out and have been frantically looking for him. I love him. He is all I had left from my daughter who died that day. I had two cats. Now I only have one. I loved both of my cats and would love to have" Spike" the maine coon back. If you saw him I can be reached at 832-551-9163 anytime by text or phone.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Found Dog

We found this dog in Steeplechase subdivision in Harris county off of 290. We have not seen anyone advertising for her as a lost dog and fear she is abandoned. We have contacted several no kill agencies and they are all full. My neighbor has her in her backyard. She looks to be fairly young and is very sweet. Between 10 to 15 pounds. We are desperately trying to find her a new home. If you can take this dog in please email me at
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Lost Dogs in Tomball

Please help us find our lost dogs. Bowser is a brown/white Beagle mix and Yoshi is an all black Dachsund Terrier mix. They are very friendly. If you see please contact me at or (713) 834-7997. My name is Jason
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Saturday, August 4, 2012


Please help us find our 2 lost dogs . Gabby is the German Shepard Mix ( light colored ) and Bella is the black lab. They both are very friendly and respond to thier names! Please let me know if you have seen them

832-405-7464 . My name is Kitty

Found White/Black Male Husky

Found this male Husky around Northpoint, tomball. White/black. Brown eyes. Rather young. had purple C around neck. paper work or other proof needed to claim. AAR NOTE: no contact info provided. If this is your dog, suggest you post here, and hopefully people will see.

my lost dog Banji

My mom and stepdad went out of town and I went home to go give her food and she hasn't been there since first of august. She is very loved and missed! She is brown black and white, a medium sized dog and would of been found around 23380 lutheran cemetary rd. please call 832 928 6145 if you found or know where my dog is, my name is Savannah Inman.

Playful Pitbull

Playful Brown Pitbull, neutured, approx 2 years old with all shots. Very kind with other dogs and children. Please call or text 432-978-4871, we are in Houston.


We found these puppies in our townhose parking lot on Washington and Studemont, someone had left them there. They have no collars and no chips. They are very sweet and looking for a new home. Please email or call 713-412-8952 for inquiry.

Adorable female

Found small female approx. fifteen lbs. probably schnauzer mix, has curly tail and black spot on back. Found near Mueller elem. school on 2920 near Kuykendahl in northwest Houston. Found July 29th. AAR NOTE: No contact info included, if this is your dog, post on here and hopefully they'll check.

Love Bug!

A puppy, around 8 months old "parked" himself behind my husband's car. He is sweet, playful and full of energy. Is not afraid of people or dogs and is not aggressive at all. When he came he had a reddish collar, no tags. We do not know if he is microchipped. He needs a home fast, as the neighborhood is not that good!
You can contact me at
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