Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Name: Teddy Breed: Yorkie Weight: 5-7lbs Color: White/silver

Please help me find Teddy. He got out of our backyard in Valley Ranch (Porter) on 2/26/12 and I have been everywhere and posted flyers throughout my neighborhood. There is a sizable reward for anyone who gets him back home no questions asked.

Please call if you have or seen him (281) 770-8276

Thank you.

Below are several pictures
Photo1 is what he looks like now

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

abandoned husky

Found in park creek,tupelo Dr.,on Feb 28th,at 8am. He's a male husky,gorgeous.With tags that say Dakota is his name. Called the number on tag,spoke with "Matt". Said had to work,would pick up at 5,and lived in Stablewood Farms. Haven't heard from him since. He also said Dakota dug under fence thus morning. However,I can feel his bones,he's scared of my husband,he's dirty and smelly,and has a bad cough. If he 'dug under fence this morning', then I am a millionaire. If anyone knows who may have abandoned and abused this poor dog,please help out and contact me. Also,PLEASE if anyone can take him,PLEASE DO. I have 4 kids,2 cats,and a dog. I can't afford to take care of him. I'm going to have to take him to humane society. Not fair for him to my backyard please help this friendly,playful,beautiful,and HOUSEBROKEN,and loving dog. My name is shawna,my cell is 8325154073. My husband dave,is 9045563489. If i don't answer pls call him.

Found Rhodesian Ridgeback

We found a young (1 yrish) female dog. She looks to be a purebred Rhodesian Ridgeback. She is very sweet and very smart. We found her Saturday, Feb 25 on Dobbins-Huffsmith near Magnolia. No microchip, no collar.


FOUND Dachshund mix

This dachshund mix was found in WindRose subdivision on Monday, February 27 in front of Benignus Elementary on the corner of Alvin A Klein and FM 2920. She is not chipped, but seems to be housebroken and is very sweet.

Monday, February 27, 2012

FOUND brindle male puppy

Found 2/26/12 in Colony Creek subdivision of Spring TX.
Adorable, sweet, well behaved and potty trained intact male pit/boxer mix.
Brindle with white chest. Maybe 5-6 months old. No collar or microchip.
Call 832-447-7379

found 2 dogs 2920

We have found 2 dogs off of the 2920 area, we were able to capture the smaller female red terrier mix. She has on a red collar and is microchipped but not registered.

please email

Cute Boxer/Shepard mix

Female, 52 lbs, aprox 1-2 years old. Found 2/2/12 around Lakewood Forest/Cypresswood. She was scared and hungry. Posted signs w/pictures but no owner came forward. Had her vaccinated and tested, results are a clean bill of health. She cleaned up and came out of her shell. Very playful, wants to be the center of attention always! Needs some manner training, and very smart. Want to find her a good home where she can be the center of attention and have a forever family. Call or text Lilly at 713 459 9663.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lost 2 yellow/white labs.

1 male yellow lab around 70 lbs. and 1 female yellow lab around 35 lbs lost on 2/26/12 near 249/ North Eldridge and Spring Cypress. Please call me at 281-635-7305


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Lost Pitbull

Male pitbull white with brown markings. He is 1 1/2years old....please contact me at 317 397 8982 if found...he goes by the name Solo. He is microchipped.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Found in Cypress

This is what I believe to be a black and white Japanese Chin found on 2/22/12 in Cypress. He was with a buddy, a Terrier mix and they just wandered up to our daughter. Very sweet tempered dogs. No collar on black and white one, but white one has a red leather collar. Don't know if chipped. Contact me if you can help, please at

Thursday, February 23, 2012

LOST Chocolate LAB

PRINCESS lives in Charterwood neighborhood in Houston, TX 77070.
She is auburn brown and has a little patch of fur on her chest and front paws. She has light brown eyes.
She is almost 2 years old!
PRINCESS is wearing a pink collar with silver reflectors on it (with silver flowers).
She is wearing tags that have her name and phone number on it.
But you can call 832-257-2929.

Me and the kids miss her terribly!

Found Female Dog

Possibly a German Pinscher/Fox Terrier mix?
Brown some Tan/Black
Spayed, Young (1-3 Yrs.?), Medium (22 lbs.)
Found on 3 Feb. 2012
at 23440 Aldine Westfield
and Prairie Bird Dr.
Please call 281-466-7587

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lost English Setter

Lost near Little League fields on Cherry and Hufsmith. Mid-morning Feb. 22.
Black head with white body and black specks.
Leather collar with name and phone number.
Or call 940-704-6784

Found Lost Puppy

We found this adorable female puppy on the road. She is about 8 weeks old and just as sweet as can be. Looking for a good home for her. If you are interested please email
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lost Female Black Lab

Black Lab. Female. About 3 years old. 60-ish lbs.
No collar. Fixed. Name: Molly
All black - tiny white patch on her chest.
Neighbors reported seeing her around our house in the Dove Meadows Subdivision off FM 2920 in Spring, TX around 5:00-5:30 pm Tuesday February 21.

She is a very friendly, indoor dog. Please call if you have any information.

Melanie O'Neal
281 770 6792

Found Brown Pit mix no collar.

Very sweet female pup found at the corner of Dobbin Hufsmith, and Highland Ave. Very smart and well behaved. Great with kids. Call Donald - 713-417-3994

Lost orange Tabby

Daisy is a female orange tabby with a blue coller and tag. She is an indoor car that is spayed and declawed. She is a very friendly cat but is startled easily and may be a little hard to approach. She went missing the night of February 20th from the lakewood grove subdivision near 249 and Spring Cypress. Any help would be greatly appreciated. She is missed dearly. Call Jackie 512-470-2916
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Found 2 small dogs!

One is a female chihuahua the other is a male black and white dog. Not sure of his breed. The male was found with a black collar the female had no collar. They were found together. The male is a scruffy kind of dog.

AAR NOTE: Poster did not include contact info. If these are your dogs, we suggest you post your info and hope the person reads the blog.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

FOUND black & white dog

This sweet dog was found at the intersection of 2978 & East Hufsmith on thursday Feb 16th. Has collar but no tags or chip. contact Wendy at 281-300-5489 or 936-321-4774

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Large Brown Dog missing from Stonepine Subdivision.
Please call 281-841-3543
His collar came off..

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lost brown pittbull/catahoula mix

Lost brown/tan male pittbull/catahoula mix. His name is Dusty and he is extremely friendly seven year old dog. He has a brown/tan coat and has faint black spots on his back. He is 50 lbs, has a black nose, brown eyes, and was wearing a blue collar. Please help me find my baby. Contact Kim Dogotch at 832-519-7868 or Reward for anyone who helps me find my little baby.


Lost pitbull/catahoula male dog named Dusty. He is brown/tan color with faint black spots on his back. He is wearing a blue collar. Please help me find my baby. Contact me at 832-519-7868, Thank you for your help.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lost Female Cat

Large white, gray and black female cat. She is spayed and has no front claws or collar. If found, please call Melissa at 281-257-9749. Thanks!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lost Cat

Live in Windrose Subdivision. Cat stolen and dumped - unknown location. He is a 3 year old male black and white cat. He is declawed. He has 4 white paws and a white spot on mouth/upper lip. His under belly and chin are white also. He is neutered and was a rescue from being homeless. He is therefore very skittish and not easily approachable. He went missing on Saturday, Feb. 11 @ 5:00p. The cross street where we live is Rose Crossing and Alvin A. Klein/FM2920. He is microchiped and his ID# is 985121008863. Please keep this confidential. Please call if you hear of a sighting. Phone: 281.948.2580. We miss him so very much. Thank you for posting our little kitty.
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I have a Very Sweet cat named Kisha. She is 11 years young and is a perfect lap cat. She loves to play and is very friendly. She also likes dogs. I have had her since she was a kitten. Unfortunately, I cannot keep her where I am living now. If anyone is looking for or knows of someone looking for a cat, please call me. My name is Nicole. And my # is 713-202-1628


Went missing from Cypresswood subdivision. He is NOT declawed, has a very light orange (almost cream) color on most of back, tail and head except for white nose. Mostly white on chin, legs and tummy. VERY sweet kitty and missed dearly! Please call 281-851-2111 with any information or sightings

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Found Puppy

Black and white puppy found near Brown Street/Baker Street on 2/10/12
Call 281-255-9946

Rottweiler mix FOUND

Small rottweiler mix found in area of Spring-Cypress and Hufsmith-Kohrville. Call 281-320-2652.

Friday, February 10, 2012

FOUND Black dog

found black dog with blue collar near 249 and louetta in the charterwood subdivision. please call 832-883-3977

Thursday, February 9, 2012

FOUND Pointer Mix PUPPY!

Found on feeder road of Eastex Freeway. Female 3-4 months old. NO CHIP, NO COLLAR! White coat with spotted skin and bald belly, black patches over both eyes and fold over ears.


∆ Loves people
∆ Loves other animals (esp. dogs & cats)
∆ Obedient, will walk on leash (loves walks)
∆ She has been vaccinated (since being found)
∆ Crate-trained & house-broken

If this is your puppy, or you would like to take her home, please contact Steve.

713-443-2549 (leave message)

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Found male dog

Found on 2/6 on Old Louetta. Between Charterwood & Memorial Chase subdisvisions. No collar or chip. White male dog with light brown patches and pointed ears. Call 281-851-4215 or 281-785-7373

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lost Male Silky Terrier

We lost our Silky Terrier (looks like Yorkie, but longer body and longer muzzle) 2/4/12 Saturday Night in the Forrest Ridge area in Conchran Crossing, The Woodlands.
His name is Charlie, has no collar, not neutered, weighs about 10 lbs, has under bite and hair color is Black/Silver/Tan Gold short hair (he just got a haircut)

Our family is so heart broken! If anyone is kind enough to have found him, please call/text (310) 714-6962. Thank you and God Bless!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Found dog

Found on 2-2-12- in the back of Huntwick near Strack chip......breed is said to be Black Mouth Cur. Please email to me -

Lost- 2 Female Dogs (NW Houston/Cypress)

We've lost 2 short hair, Brown, Female Adult Dogs.
Mills Rd and Perry Rd. (NW Houston / Cypress)
One is a Female, 6 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback and Boxer mix. She has a ridge of hair that grows backwards on the back of her neck. She is brown with a black nose and mouth. Her ears are droopy and weighs about 65Lbs.
The other is a 2 year old Female Lab mix. She is brown with a black nose and mouth. She is tall and has a slender build. weighs about 45Lbs. She was wearing a black collar.
They are both Microchipped.
Please contact us at 713-298-8979 or 832-434-0624
Thank you.
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Friday, February 3, 2012

yellow lab

Found female yellow lab in Cypress. Closest major intersection Barker Cypress and Huffmeister, found in Cypress Point Lake Estates. If you think this adorable dog may be yours please call 832-878-2406

stolen schnauzer

Our dog was stolen from us around January 15 or so from our truck. She is about 20 lbs and has a nub tail. Very sweet. She was wearing a collar with tags on it when she was stolen but might not have them anymore if someone tried to sell her...if anyone has seen her, please let us know. She was taken from the cypress area. Please email me at
I would greatly appreciate it.

Lost Female Cat

Prudence is an inside spayed cat 4 yrs. Somehow slipped put of the house on Feb 1 2012. Please contact Terry 713 526 9776.
She is not microchipped and was not wearing a collar.

We live in the subdivision of Londonderry in Spring.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

found s / m male dog

White with light brown patches , light brown ears. over weight very traumatized, please help him to go home where he belongs. he is safe at zip # 77388 spring texas. i dont knwo its breed but could be a terrier of some kind . please call # ( 818 )859- 5940