Friday, October 28, 2011

Found dog in neighborhood

We found this cute little fellow running around our neighborhood (Cypresswood Glen) without a leash or collar. He is male, has no microchip, is neutered, and appears young. Local animal hospital suggested he is a schnauzer-mix. He is very friendly, energetic, and obedient. If anyone knows who his owners may be, please contact Christa at 281-851-2278. Thank you.

Found Dog

Found Black and white, female dog in subdivision North Star Estates off 249 / ZION on October 25, 2011.
Dog was wearing a collar but no dog tag nor is it chipped.

This dog has a wonderful, sweet personality. She appears to be well taken care of and surely her owners are looking for her.

Contact 281.290.8577 or 832.794.3544 if you are the owner or if you recognize this dog.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Found black/white mix

Found this guy last Wednesday, 10/19, in Spring, off 2920 and Kuukendahl area. Very friendly, he's fixed but no chip or collar. Gets along with kids and our other dog very well. Please e-mail or call/text me @ 832-247-9871 if you think this might be your dog.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Little Guy went missing Friday evening on October 21st. He was last seen in our back yard. He is an orange and white short hair with a scar on his shoulder and tail. He was not wearing a collar.

He was recently injured and is not able to jump.

Little Guy was homeless when we found him, he was micro-chipped, but the previous owners never registered him. We decided to keep him after weeks went by and we were never contacted. Sadly, we never registered the chip either and now our only hope of getting him back is through the community.

We live in Pinecrest/Three Lakes off 249 near Silverado Theater. We live closer to the front of the neighborhood so I am worried he may of made it out to 249.

Thanks for all your help and I can be contacted at either
832-349-1706 or 281-520-2000

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Found American Husky

Found in Hunterwood Subdivision in Tomball, call 2817328242. Female Husky, no collar, white eyes, probably 1-2 years old.

Lost apricot color cat

Lost 10/7/2011

Male long-haired, apricot color cat with crunched ears. Near Collin Smith at Dobbin Huffsmith.

Call 281-259-4149

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We have lost our wonderful Boston Terriers from North Houston--TC Jester and Cypresswood Area on Monday 10/17/2011

One is a Male 35lb-Blue/White-18mo, Neutered,
One is a Female 17lb--Blue/White--5 years, Spayed

Both are micro-chipped.

CALL 832-249-1925 or 713-992-0759

We are devastated.


Lost Female White Dog Mixed Breed

Please help us find our dog. Small (14 lbs) female white mixed breed. Black eyes, light brown ears and some brown spots on her back. My 3 and 5 year old girls miss her lots!!!
She is a little over 1 year old and has a sweet personality. REWARD will be offered. We lost her on Monday, October 17, 2011 in Cypress near Barker Cypress and Huffmeister. Phone is 281-610-3198 or email

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


please help us find our lost black lab! We let her out this morning 10-18-2011 to eat and potty and I think the wind scared her away. She was not wearing her collar, near Springbrook/Windrose subdivision off 2920 and TC Jester, please call 832-928-0683 or email

Lost Cat

Mr. Fuzzworth, a Maine Coon cat, has been missing from Devonshire Woods in Spring, TX since 10/15/11. If you have any information please contact Deborah Brown at 281-794-6707.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lost Dog

Our dog got out of the back yard in the neighborhood of Village of Northpoint. He has a long tail and had not been groomed. He was also not wearing his collar. He is black, gray, and goldish. If you have seen him please call 832-928-2978.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Found Dog

This dog was found on FM 249 near the Silverado theater. Currently at AAR. Call 281-290-0121 or email to identify and claim. Black and white short coat about 35 pounds, est. 1-2 years old.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Found Poodle

This poodle was found in the Woodland Oaks Subdivision on Honea Egypt just north of 1488. He is approximately 5 pounds, and looks as if he was on his own for a while. He had no collar, and I'm not sure about the microchip yet. We plan to visit the vet soon. He was discovered on Wednesday, October 12th in the early evening. If he belongs to you please call 281-793-4206, or email Thank you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Found Dog

A beautiful, playful and very healthy black flat coated retriever with a nice collar found his way to our home near Magnolia. If I did not already have two dogs, he would be more than welcome to stay. He is loving and a sweetheart of a dog. Someone lost him or he wandered off. If he belongs to you, please call me at 281-259-8343, or if you would like to give him a great home, also call the number above.

Monday, October 10, 2011

FOUND Female Chihuaha Mix

We rescued a tan/brindle chihuaha mix last Thursday at Meyer Park off of
Cypresswood. Looks like she may be mixed with dachsund but mostly looks like
chihuaha. She was scared and seemed lost. She has no tags and is not micro
chipped. I have called all of the vets offices around the area and left my
number but no one has called to claim her. She is so sweet and affectionate
and just wants to be held. She seems to be in good health, fairly young.
Looks like she may have had puppies recently. She loves my 8 year old son and
is great with children. Does not bark or yap like some small dogs. The only
time I heard her bark was when she saw my cat for the first time. :) She has
not shown any type of aggression towards us or our other dogs. We are taking
good care of her but she needs a good home where she can live indoors. Our
allergies will not allow us to keep her inside.

If you are interested, please let me know and I will send you a picture. I
can't figure out how to upload it here.

My number is 713-927-9908 or 281-357-5901

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lost Black Maine Coon


Black Maine Coone named "Hero"

Recently had "lion-cut" haircut, so much of his hair is short, but quickly growing back out.

His front-left fang is chipped.

he has the Home Again microchip # 4C00625D08

Lost near Pitcairn Dr. Tomball, TX in Lakewood Forest subdivision.

Lost on 10-01-11

AAR NOTE: Poster did not leave contact info, but if you have the cat scanned, Home Again should have the owner's phone number.

Found Dog

In August she showed up, with a huge lump on her left rear leg. We nursed her back to good health but she does still limp occasionally. We took her to several vets in the area to see if by chance she was one of their patients. One vet told us she was 5-6 mo old, another said 10-11 mo. No such luck on her being a patient. She is not chipped and had no collar on. She is not spayed. We kept her penned so she could heal, which she has done nicely. She is very loving, wants to be with my granddaughter as much as possible, and is very good with my four small dogs. She is mostly housebroken. She really needs a family to love and love her. It is just not us, since we already have 4 Chihuahuas.

I have been trying to find her a home with no luck. I need to place her in a NO KILL shelter where she will have larger pool of adoption possibilities.

2 pictures of her are attached, taken shortly after we got her. She is 11" tall, 26" from nose to tail tip and a Terrier mix.

Are y'all accepting dogs at this time? Please let me know.

Thank you in advance.
Elaine Barbery
C: 281-351-6344


Looking for the owner of a lost dog....a friend of mine found a dog over in Village Creek last week and has been trying to find the owners. Below is his description.

My husband, Rick, found this male Yorkie at the picnic area on Sweet Rain in Village Creek Development on September 30th. He brought him home and we have had him ever since. This Yorkie appears to be between two and four years and is an un-neutered male. He is very skinny and just skin and bones. He does not appear to be house trained but is very friendly to my two Yorkies and plays allllllllllllllll the time. Tomorrow, Oct. 4th I will take "Sparky" to my vet and check for a inplanted chip to see if the owners are registered. If anyone knows of the owners, they can call either me (Sue) at 310-990-6707 or Rick at 352-275-6722.

He has no microchip.
We had heartworm test performed and he is negative.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lost Cat

Our sweet cat, Lucy, went missing from the Lakes of Rosehill subdivision in Cypress, TX on Sunday, October 2nd. She's a seal-point Siamese mix and weighs around 5 pounds. Lucy has a Home Again microchip in her neck for identification. She's a loving cat, and we'd love to have her home again. We're offering a $250.00 reward for her safe return. Please contact me at (713) 208-8667 if you have any information about our kitty. Thanks!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Lost Cats: Scout and Charlie

My two cats have gone missing. Despite doing extensive searches around my neighborhood, I have had no luck in finding my babies.

Any and all help would be appreciated. I am offering a reward ($100) to anyone who can help me find my beloved cats.

They went missing in the Clear Creek Forest subdivision in Magnolia. They answer to their names of Scout and Charlie. Attached is a picture of each cat. Scout in the first pic and Charlie in the second.

Please contact me at 832-465-9374.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Found Pit Bull

I found this Pit Bull in the Champion Forest neighborhood in Spring, TX. He was wandering around Brill Elementary School 2 nights ago and we saw him again last night. I brought him home and he has been playing with our dog and kids very nicely. I'm sure his family misses him!

AAR comment: the poster did not leave contact info. If this is your dog, post your info on this site and hope that the people are checking. Also post flyers in the neighborhood where he was found.

Found Dog

This sweet dog showed up at our house in the Stagecoach/Pinehurst area. She was wearing a blue collar with no tags. She is very sweet. She loves people and is great with kids. She has a lot of energy, but listens and minds very well.

We are looking for her family or a family that can adopt her.

Jamie Hawley 713-816-0497

Found Golden Lab

This beautiful dog was found on Louetta Sept. 23rd. She is very friendly and sweet. No collar or chip. If you know her family or a family that could adopt her, please let me know.
Sally Bixby 281 467-5337

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Found on Fish Creek

Male tan doxie or doxie mix. Running in traffic. Nice sweet little dog. Needs his mommy and daddy. I cannot keep him.

Found male tan dog

I found a Doxie mix, male dog on Fish Creek Rd on Oct 1st. He was running in traffic and almost was hit.
He is young and very sweet. No collar, no micro chip. He looks like a short wire haired doxie, but could be a mix.
I hope his owners see this and contact me. If not, he needs a good home. He loves cats, dogs, kids and anyone that will love him.
So far, he seems to be house broke. His is about 6 to 12 months old, and that is a guess. Needs to be neutered.
936-582-2967 or 936-203-3222

Lost Dogs

I have lost 2 dogs on 10/1/2011, one is a large friendly Golden retriever, the other is a mixed breed retriever mix, both are Golden in color and very friendly.

AAR comment: Poster did not provide contact info or area where dogs were lost. If you find dogs matching this description, we suggest you post on this and other blogs in hopes that the owner will be checking.